Permaculture Design Course

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Summer 2021

Tuesday evenings 20th April to 13th July 6.45 pm to 9.30 pm   OR

Thursdays daytime 22nd April to 13th July 10.00am to 4.00pm

Plus  6 Saturdays for practicals and visits

Cost £520

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Whiteshill, Stroud, Gloucestershire


Do you think differently about life and wonder why we waste so much stuff? Do you think about the future of the planet? Do you want to make changes, but are not sure how to start?

The Common Edge Permaculture Design Course could be the springboard you need to explore your ideas. Meet like minded people and enjoy sharing experience and knowledge. Discover ways to live sustainably and achieve your dreams.

Why Stroud?

Stroud is famous for its alternative and foodie culture, and our PDC in Stroud opens doors into the unique world of this vibrant town. We take you to visit projects round the area where you meet people who make livelihoods based on sustainable businesses of all kinds, from herbalism to wooden buildings. We tap into the pool of really knowledgeable and experienced people here. The team of course tutors draws on this wide pool of knowledge in the town.


Whiteshill is a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds. The houses are strung out along the spring line which runs around the Ruscombe valley, and offers the most amazing views with beautiful scenery. National Trust woodland lines the top of the valley and lush green pastures are traditionally farmed on the slopes lower down. The village boasts a long established community run shop and cafe, offering local people a meeting point, and a useful resource.

Against this backdrop, Helen Pitel runs Tin Bath House, her Permaculture garden and project, where she has been growing food since 2011. We find that Whiteshill offers everything we need for running a PDC – good teaching spaces, outdoor space, accessibility, nature, peace, and a Permaculture project, whilst still being on the urban fringe of Stroud. We make the learning sessions practical and out of doors whenever possible.